Saudi Procurement Conference brings together professionals and experts from around the world with diverse fields to present the latest innovations and technologies, discuss the industry challenges, introduce new solutions and, generate business opportunities between all participants. As it is critical for procurement leaders and their teams to stay up to speed with the latest strategies and techniques to meet the challenges from both inside the procurement organization and outside. The conference will cover comprehensive experiences and promises to offer first-hand insight, procurement workshops, best practices and practical takeaways that will enable you to achieve top-line growth.

The conference will discuss the following agenda related to Procurement such as: 

  • What is Driving Procurement Trends?
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Government procurement
  • Procurement of emerging technology
  • Outsourcing procurement
  • Vendor Management
  • Fraud prevention and procurement risk
  • Local Content
  • Artificial Intelligent
  • Procurement challenges
  • Optimizing the last mile delivery
  • Procurement resilience and agility
  • Building key capabilities in procurement

The conference is open to all participants looking to get to know all the current content in the procurement field in Saudi Arabia.